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This page is an archive of all first-hand accounts from survivors of Oct 7. Video and audio and photos only as citations in press have proved to be unreliable.

Female Kidnapped Survivors

First hostages released October 10 without hostage swap

Judith Tai Raanan (59F) and her daughter Natalie (17F)

Chen(48) & Agam(17) Almog

Moran Stella Yanai(40F)

Danielle (45F) and Emilia (5F) Aloni (also written Aroni)

Sapir Cohen (29F)

Saher Kalderon (16F)

Doron Katz Ashor (34)

Maya Regev (21) (and Itay Regev)

Noam Avigdori (12) and Sharon Avigdori (52)

Yocheved Lifshitz (85)

Yarden Roman-gat (36)

Mia Schem (21F)

Nili margalet (41F)

Adrienne (Aviva) Siegel (62F)

Sharon Aloni Cunio (34F), Yuli (3F) and Emma (3F)